You have a microscope and you know the basics.

Within days, you are going to take your hobby or profession to the next level. You'll be looking at specimens in brilliant color, and getting prize-winning photographs.

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Maybe you are a professional - a doctor, teacher, or university instructor. You will be able to see and show others specimens like they've never seen them before. Finally, what you always raved about will elicit "oohs!" and "ahhs!" from all who peer into your scope.

AND - if you want to start your own business using your microscope, you can do that too. You will be able to make money from what was once only a passion.

Project these new kinds of microscope images on a classroom wall or on a flat screen TV, and there is no doubt about who is boss scientist. You've worked hard to gain the knowledge- now you'll have the admiration you deserve as well.

Imagine getting questions after class not only about the specimens and the science, but about how you make the micro-world look so incredible.

Can you feel the thrill of selling a photograph of a rotifer or daphnia to a magazine? Would you be pleased if you got an e-mail from a scientific book publisher asking you for permission to put one of your pictures on the cover of their hard bound college text book AND offering to pay you for it? (This actually happened to me.)

Imagine how easy it will be to finally publish your own book on Kindle filled with the exceptional photographs that make it a book that people actually enjoy and want share with others, and blog about.

My book won't just tell you how Rheinberg filters work. It's not a book about optics, or light theory, or about microscopy. My book shows you how to do everything. You'll learn how make the center stops and annulus rings to give you Darkfield, Oblique, and many color combinations. Look at these salt crystals.

Nothing wows a friend, student or colleague more than seeing a very boring and ordinary thing like salt in an amazing way, like never before.
I'll show you how to make bi-colored annulus rings.
And you'll be able to make four colored annulus rings, or overlay bi-colored ones to get these combinations.

You'll learn how to make polarizing filters so you can look at meteorites and mineral thin sections in brilliant color. Can you imagine asking someone to guess what they are looking at, and then telling them that the below specimen is the inside of a meteorite?

You'll learn how to get stunning results. Learn to make a black center stop which gives you a Darkfield effect, as in this Vorticella. Before, this micro-organism was practically invisible - hard to find. Now you're looking at an amazing moving creature that you can't miss.
Learn to make center stops in green, as used for this Daphnia photo.
Here's a violet center stop and a yellow annulus ring from an arsenal of dozens of colors you will have at your fingertips. Your hydra comes to life.
And yes, of course, I'm also including bonus material on making Oblique Illumination filters (DIY/DIC). These filters give your specimens a 3-D effect that normally could only be achieved with a very expensive Differential Interference Contrast microscope. Here is how these strange filters look - they are experimental.
Here is a typical set of Rheinberg center stops and annulus rings which I sell on Ebay for over $100.00
Below is an example of diatoms using an oblique illumination filter. These filters allow only a tiny part of the light beam to hit your specimen at an angle. The result is a 3-D effect. Add color too - with one of your many other filters.

I'm revealing all of my secrets- my suppliers of materials, the tools I use, time saving techniques, ways to market your filters, and more.

You will be able to click on hot links to resources, references, and suppliers on the internet. That's right. While you are reading, you can open links which pop up with additional information, descriptions, or prices of materials and supplies.

Did you know that there is a kitchen utensil that is perfect for making Rheinberg center stops?

Did you know that one of the best materials for making high quality Darkfield filters is probably in your basement or garage right now?

Did you know you can make a complete set of Rheinberg filters AND a set of DIY/DIC (oblique) filters for less than $10.00? I show you all the tricks, techniques, and more. In fact, I'll show you where you can get materials for hundreds of colors of annulus rings, all for under $5.00 or even for free!

My book is loaded with dozens of color photographs and diagrams explaining every point, every nuance of this art.

More than a book about microscope filters, included is a Bonus Section where I show you how to build a beautiful wooden filter case. I built and sold two of these cases for over $100.00 each. Step by step instructions and photos show you how.

Two more bonuses: You also get instructions loaded with pictures on how to make a microscope camera adapter. AND you get instructions and pictures on how to build a plant press for preserving leaves and flowers.

Oh, I forgot - I just added a quick guide to building an objective lens holder.

Finally, and perhaps the best bonus is this: This is a start -up business manual as well. Why? My book not only teaches you how to make filters, but how to set up an E-Business. I show you how to build a website, and run a profitable home based business, to give you the extra income you could use to support your hobby. Yes - finally, your microscope hobby can pay for itself.

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"Received the set last weekend and am very pleased! A reasonably priced quality product above and beyond my expectations. I will be using them for years. A great addition to my microscopy accessories. Thanks again!"
--J. Wilhelm"

"The filters just arrived and I have to say that I am ABSOLUTELY FLOORED and THRILLED at the quality and quantity of the product. I am completely blown away. You outdid yourself and I will recommend you to anyone and everyone I can. THANK YOU! Fantastic work! THANK YOU AGAIN!"

Here is what buyers of this book are saying on Amazon: BOOK REVIEWS

Just one example:

"Not sure how I came across this book, but wow what an informative read. If you have any interest in microscopes either for work, school or play, this book is for you. Michael creates microscope filters for people and institutions across the world. In this book he shares with you first how to use those filters then how to make your own filters if you are interested. He then goes one step further and walks you through how he setup his business on the web to market and sell his products. He provides guidance on how to setup a marketing website, create an order management system and deliver superior customer service.

So who is this book for, here are just a few people I think would benefit
- Scientists looking for a source for Rheinberg filters
- Hobbyists that want to expand their knowledge and have more fun with their microscopes
- DIY folks who want to build a microscope out of their digital camera
- School kids looking for an idea for their science project
- Anyone that is interested in setting up an online business to sell products

J. McCullen

Your Microscope Hobby is a unique and one of a kind book. It has been praised in the major microscope magazines and microscope club newsletters around the world. Everything I've learned about making filters is in this book.

For the past ten years, I've made filters for universities around the world, for the Mayo Clinic, for professors, industrial scientists, hospital researchers, doctors and veterinarians on every continent, and for amateurs of course as well.

The knowledge in this book has paid for my scientific hobby many times over. Let me tell you, it's nice when your wife doesn't squawk about a new microscope eyepiece or camera accessory because you're using your own PayPal money.

When I first published this E-book, it was a pdf file so I priced it at $29.95. I sold tons of them.

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Your Microscope Hobby

Mike Shaw

P.S. If you have any questions about anything in the book - you are free to e-mail me at any time, and I'll give you a personal answer and help you with anything you need. Here's my e-mail address: